"I'm always searching for your sweet scent..."

Hello, wandering star, and welcome to Ambrosia, the TAFL.Com-approved fanlisting for Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon's beautiful Princess protected by a close-knit group of Sailor guardians...no, not Serenity, but Princess Kakyuu, who also fights for her home planet of Kinmoku as Sailor Kakyuu. If you're a fan of the Sailor Starlights' beloved missing Princess, won't you add your name to her fanlisting? ♥

You are viewing version 1 of Ambrosia, blossoming fragrance, featuring scans from Vol 10 (kanzenhan edition) of the manga by yours truly, introductory art of Kakyuu from the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos feature films edited slightly by yours truly, and images from the Materials Collection artbook from Three Lights dot net. Brushes used are by MOHAafterdark, Coby17, seishido, and Richard Stelmach. This layout should be viewable and readable on screens of every size, but if displays oddly for you, please feel free to email me and let me know, and I'll get right onto fixing it.