Fruit Soup!


...your adorable self to Fruit Soup!, the TAFL approved fanlisting for the 4-chapter long manga PQ Angels by Takeuchi Naoko, author of the immortal shoujo classic Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Debuting in the September of 1997, PQ Angels was set to tell the story of two aliens, codenames P and Q -- Peanut and Kyuuri when they're off-duty -- as they searched for their lost Queen and enjoyed multiple hijinks on planet Earth. It looked to be Sailor Moon's comedic spiritual successor...until Kodansha lost seven pages of Takeuchi-sensei's manuscript and our cockroach girls and their shenanigans were heartbreakingly shelved. Though we'll never get so much as a lone tankoubon of this adorably funny story, it still manages to have fans, more than 20 years after its terribly short run. Are you one of them? Then put on your best strawberry-print panties and come join the list!

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