What Happened to Kousagi.NET?!

ohnoes! what's going on?!

I could have sworn this place was called Kousagi.NET! The Once In A Blue Moon network!

And you'd be right! But all things must change with time...even if that time is only a little over a month, cough...and Kousagi.NET has become SailorCrystal.NET!

I see! But why?

Because I felt like I needed a less character-specific name for my BSSM collective! ...which seems a little silly given the series on which it concentrates has the main character's name in the title, but still. Shh. :P I very much wanted a domain name that could be applied to the series/characters in general, and seeing as every Sailor senshi has a Sailor crystal...well, perfect! I waited for a week to see if the feeling stuck with me (I am, admittedly, a creature of whims), and when it did, I decided that it was time for a change.

Is all the content the same?

Exactly the same! The only thing that's changed is the domain name, site title, and the link-back buttons ^_~

What will happen to the name?!

For the next month or so, it will automatically redirect to SailorCrystal.NET -- I think that will be ample time for people to change any links or whathaveyou. ♥ After that, it will point towards Funny Bunny, my shrine currently in the works to Usagi-chan's impossible second daughter, Tsukino Kousagi. I've been working on it for years, so it certainly deserves its own domain, too!

I really apologise for how fickle I can be! I can't see the collective being anything other than SailorCrystal.NET for as long as it might last, now, so don't worry about any other unexpected changes popping up without notice; I solemnly swear it won't happen! ^_^