a True Star Seed brings rebirth

"our Sailor Crystals are what give us hope..."

ようこそへ「セーラークリスタル・ドット・ネット」やで! Welcome your kawaii self to SailorCrystal.NET, nicknamed the True Star Seed Network (and fomerly known as Kousagi.NET), a collective focused around the many aspects of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, in all its varied and wonderful forms, and what it means to the webmistress, a Moonie of some 30+ years (and counting!).

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Recent updates

11.08.2023 -- I've restructured the rules for the Pretty Guardians clique so that it can hold more members! The more the merrier, ne? ♥ It'll be interesting to see how popular each senshi is!

05.07.2023 -- long time no update; I seriously apologise! It's been a rough few months healthwise. At some point after the last update, I created the Queen Serenity fanlisting, and the fanlisting for Takeuchi-sensei's early manga The Cherry Project! ♥

19.04.2023 -- hey everyone, we've just moved onto a new server! Please excuse any minor errors that may or may not pop up over the next 24 or so hours, and please do let me know if you run into anything broken and I'll get right onto correcting it. Also, the PQ Angels fanlisting now lives here on SailorCrystal!

07.04.2023 -- happy full moon night...Kousagi.NET has transformed into SailorCrystal.NET! (Why?) We have a new layout to celebrate~ Please forgive any missing files or broken links you might find as we move into the new place! ^_~

27.03.2023 -- four new translations up at Across the Universe. plus a tiny bit of error-correcting, typo-obliteration, and general housework.

18.03.2023 -- after a ridiculous amount of coding, Across the Universe is FINALLY online!

09.03.2023 -- Pretty Guardians has officially opened, and there are random additions and changes on the main site!

20.02.2023 -- layout updated and improved, pages added and expanded!

17.02.2023 -- new layout and links page is up up up~! ♥ Just slightly over the midnight mark in my part of the world (笑)